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A Roll-Out Vegetable Garden Makes Gardening Easy

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By Jeffrey

Have you always wanted to start your own garden but the task just seems too daunting?

Well here’s a new idea that will let you roll right over that problem…literally!


The Roll-Out Veg Mat

The Roll-Out Veg Mat by Chris Chapman takes the guess work out of what to plant, when to plant, and where to plant it.

If that weren’t enough, Chapman’s design removes the need to plant at all!

On his site he describes his design like this,

“The final design solution was a simple nutrient enriched corrugated cardboard seed mat.

Each season a new mat becomes available for purchase,  allowing individuals to produce a constant year round harvest of fresh home grown vegetables with little labor time and minimal effort.”

This unique vegetable mat is planted with 4 different types of seeds and organic fertilizer. All you have to do is roll it out and add soil and water.  According to the picture, it looks like he has an herb garden version planned as well!

So, What Do You Think?

I can’t help but notice how much the roll-out garden mats look like yoga mats. Maybe you can roll your yoga matt out beside your new garden and channel your energy into your herbs and veggies!

But seriously, what do you think? Is something like this an idea that would make it easier for you to start a garden?

On one hand I think it’s an amazing concept for a lot of people who are afraid to begin gardening… or just don’t know where to start. On the other, would you be missing out on planning and building your very 1st garden from scracth (I recently built my 1st garden from reclaimed shipping pallets)?

While we wait for the roll-out herb mat and vegetable mat to go into production, check out GreenUpgrader’s 10 awesome garden hacks to help make gardening way easier than you ever thought possible!

And here are steps to make your own seed mats for super-fast gardening.

Whether you decide to jump on board with the roll-out garden or create your own from scratch, be sure you know how to deal with slugs and other pests in all-natural ways!

Original source: Inhabitat