How To Find, Grow, And Care For An Earth-Friendly Living Christmas Tree That You’ll Enjoy For Years

Living Christmas Tree

Have you been wanting to try your hand at growing a living Christmas tree? It's more environmentally friendly than using a fresh-cut or artificial Christmas tree -- and it's fun! What's more, if I can grow a live Christmas tree, you can do it, too. You see, I live in Central Florida, where only a single species of fir and a small array of the common Christmas tree pines can grow. … [Read more...]

ReLeaf Leaf Scoops Make Raking Leaves Fun & Recycling Leaves Easy


I spent some of my weekend raking leaves, which is something many of us have to do after our trees have put on their beautiful displays of fall colors. Even though I generally enjoy outdoor time working on the lawn, I find leaf raking to be a little challenging because after I'm done raking all the leaves into a pile, I have to scoop them into a bin so they're all in one spot when I recycle the fall foliage. So, you can bet that I was very glad when the company that makes ReLeaf leaf … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Foliage Recycling Ideas: Ways To Reuse Autumn’s Colorful Leaves At Home

fall foliage

When autumn comes and the fall foliage begins changing color, that usually means its time to break the rake out and start bagging up tons of fallen leaves. Must read: 7 Easier Ways To Rake Leaves... And Keep It Fun! Many people just scoop the pounds upon pounds of brown, orange, and yellow leaves into big black yard bags and set them out on the curb in the garbage heap. But as I've learned over the years, there are many more productive things you can do with fallen leaves than just … [Read more...]

See Why An Old-Fashioned Push Reel Mower Is A Great Eco-Friendly Alternative For Mowing Your Lawn

reel mower

When summer is in full bloom, there are 2 things I can count on: I'm going to be complaining about the heat and humidity. (I live in Florida.) The grass on my lawn is going to grow ...and it's going to grow quickly! That's when I'll be pushing out my reel mower on a weekly basis to manicure my landscaping. I received my reel mower, a Craftsman hand-push model from Sears, for Christmas back in 1998 when I was a teenager. No, I wasn't forced to do yard work. I actually asked for … [Read more...]

An Effective Natural Weed Killer Recipe That’s Cheap To Make And Easy To Use


Spring is in the air, and we all know what that means: weeds are in full flourish. Normally, I would just take a couple hours once every weekend and proceed to stoop down and yank these weeds out while tending to my housekeeping duties. This year, though, I've decided to try something different: a natural weed killer. Why did it take me this long to abandon the back-grinding ritual of pulling weeds by hand? Honestly, I don't know! But what I do know is that I didn't care to spray weed … [Read more...]

Don’t Buy a Lawn Mower, Rent a Goat

Mowing the lawn is a very time-intensive and also energy-intensive activity. I've heard of people using goats for this job, which seems like a cool and more sustainable way of trimming your lawn and dealing with weeds, but how many people have goats to use for such a task? And it doesn't make much sense for most of us to get a goat just for trimming the grass.Nonetheless, where there's efficiency, there's money to be made, and some creative, environmentally caring entrepreneurs have decided to … [Read more...]

How to Make a Solar-Powered LED-Lit Walkway

Is it me or does summer just lead to the desire to beautify your yard? Well how about a fairly easy DIY project that would lead guests to your door via a solar powered LED-lit glass paver walkway? This project is definitely easier then it sounds and involves a few DIY sunjars, speaker wire, and only the most basic soldering skills. It may even make a great project to try out soldering for the first time. What's your favorite outdoor DIY project? … [Read more...]

Round Up: Aren’t You Glad Companies That Made WMD’s Also Produce Weed Killer?

With spring gardening and landscaping in full swing, it's sometimes tempting to use harsh chemicals to control those pesky weeds. One of the most popular of those weed killers is Monsanto's Round Up. This awesome cartoon from the talented Joe Mohr (also seen on Twilight Earth and Wend Magazine) might help you think twice before deploying Round Up in your fight against weeds. … [Read more...]

The Momentum Reel Mower: One Mower To Rule Them All

The weather is growing warmer, the days longer, and the grass higher...and you know what that means right? Yardwork. Maybe yard work isn't exactly your favorite thing to do (or maybe it is), but a reel mower might be just the thing to inspire a new-found love for mowing that lawn. We've talked about eco-friendly ways to cut keep a lush and quoft lawn before, but reel mowers and electric push mowers always seem to have a fair amount of cons to their pros. This new reel mower from … [Read more...]