Soon You Will Be Able to Rent a Nissan LEAF From Enterprise

Let's be are pretty cool.They allow us to travel from one place to another in a short amount of time and when we so choose. But what happens when you travel out-of-town and have to rent a car that isn't as comfortable, high-tech, or fuel-efficient as your car at home?Enterprise, the company that “picks you up”, is out electric rental cars this month to 8 different markets equipped with adequate charging stations. … [Read more...]

FutureMark Paper Is Focusing Completely On Green, Recycled Paper

Have you put it on your calendar yet? America Recycles Day is right around the corner. As we approach this eco holiday, how about some interesting info on a couple recycling dilemmas and some unique ways to address them? Everyone (or nearly everyone) supports recycling and using recycled products -- such as recycled paper -- these days. But let's take a look at a couple of problems facing the recycled paper industry as it works right now. … [Read more...]

Coca Cola Should Be the 2010 Olympics Green Medal Winner

Were you glued to the 2010 Winter Olympics over the past couple of weeks?Did you know that they were the greenest olympics to have ever taken place? (Even the medals were partially made from recycled electronics!)What uber hip, eco-friendly, conservation giant do you think was leading the charge to keep the 2010 Vancouver Olympics green?Coca Cola.Seriously? Coke? Yes.As a matter of fact, a recent study found that though consumers thought Coca Cola was one of the least eco-friendly companies … [Read more...]

Does LEED Certification and Optional VIP Seating Make Movie Going Better?


Would uber green features and LEED certification really encourage people to choose the new Majestic 12 movie theater over another one? One thing is for sure, if the eco-friendliness didn't do the trick, the VIP seating sure would! Check out some of the 1st impressions people had about this new (and only) LEED registered theater:   Want to see the 21+ VIP theater in action? Don't miss the video after the jump... As you can see from the responses we caught at the fund raising … [Read more...]

Wicked…Going Green. For Good.

Who cares about, "What would Jesus do?". Try asking yourself, "What would Elphaba do?". Oh you don't know Elphie? Sure you do, you just may know her by another name..."The Wicked Witch of the West". Ring a bell now? Well if you haven't been to see the musical, Wicked, hop on your broom and fly as fast as you can to the nearest city it's playing in. Not only is this Broadway show utterly amazing, but the color green runs deeper than just Elphaba's skin. Wicked has gone: "Green. For … [Read more...]

Green Lifestyle Magazine: The ONLY Online Magazine Actually Made For The Web


Have you ever thought of all the paper wasted by the magazine industry? Yeah, staggering thought isn't it? Magazines are probably one of the least recycled paper products in existence. Why? Because they're disposable by nature. Where do you buy magazines? On your corner newsstand, in the airport, and at the gas station...all places that aren't likely to have recycling services. So where's an eco-friendly, media-hungry consumer supposed to get their fix? Come my friends, swallow the red … [Read more...]

New Vegan Skin Care from Arbonne Even Comes in Eco-Friendly Packaging

Looking to green your skin care? If so, it'd be tough to do much better than the products from Arbonne International. Today Arbonne rolls out its newest line of eco-friendly hair and body products, called FC5. "FC5? What's that supposed to mean?" It refers to the delivery of Fresh Cell nutrients from 5 fruits and vegetables. In addition to this line (as well as ALL of Arbonne's products) being certified vegan, it's also paraben free and comes in awesome eco-friendly packaging … [Read more...]

Publix Senses The Force Is Strong With You… And Automatically Lights Your Path


There's no doubt that the grocery store industry is greening itself all up in eco-fabulous technology. Publix is one of the stores that's leading the charge. Check out this video I shot that showcases Publix use of motion sensing LED lights in their freezer cases. That's a great idea... and it'll shock you to find out how much energy and money that actually saves them!   … [Read more...]

Greenwashing: What To Look For And How To Avoid It

Living green can be easy, but greenwashing does NOT make it easier. So what is greenwashing? Wikipedia defines it like this: "A term that is used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service." These days, products and service that help in living green are big business. Unfortunately, that means that the greenwashing problem will only get worse. How can you know whether the green … [Read more...]

Major League Baseball is Going Green, and it’s Not Just all the Grass

The great american past-time of baseball is going green.Up until now, I guess the Green Monstah at Fenway Park has been the greenest thing about baseball...but that's all a'changin'.Unlike more cookie cutter type plans implemented by other sports teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, the MLB's "Team Greening Program" is tailored to each individual team and stadium.Now that's cool. … [Read more...]