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World Water Day: How To Check Your Water Footprint, Fix Leaks, And Save Water

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By Jeffrey

world-water-day.jpgLooking for ways to conserve some precious clean water this World Water Day (which is today)?

There are an infinite number of ways of simple, easy, and mostly free ways to do so.

Sure, the purpose of World Water Day is to conserve the commodity of fresh water on this planet, but are you a bad person if you don’t?

Not in my opinion.

I’m simply here to pass on some ways to accomplish the “how” if water conservation today — or any other day — is something that moves you to action.

One thing is for sure, the reality of how valuable fresh water is sure was recognized by many of us here in the Southeastern U.S. this past summer, with an unprecedented drought!

I can’t imagine what it’d be like to live without water all the time.

Cool People Care recommends you to check your water footprint. This will help you find some easy, hidden ways to cut back water wasteage.

Be sure to check all our faucets for drips, as they can really add up in wasted water down the drain. A leak under the sink can be the hardest to see, but it’s definitely worth checking.

See for yourself how much water is wasted with a simple leak.

Treehugger has some great water saving tips — from the basic to the advanced.

Even LifeHacker weighed in yesterday with some easy ways to save water, like scraping food off your plate, not pre-rinsing, etc.

For a little DIY action, here are 3 ways to build a rain barrel for less than $10.

Installing a low flow shower head can save A LOT of water! MetaEffecient has the quintessential review of low flow showerheads at all price points!

What are some other FUN ideas to conserve fresh water today and every day?