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4 Things You Would Never Think To Recycle… But You Can!

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By Josh

Recycling pretty much rocks.

Most of us either own a cup, shirt, etc that is either partially or entirely made of recycled materials.

Those recycled materials, in part, come from stuff that we as consumers recycle.

So… wanna find out how you can do your part?



Since we’re on the topic of recycling, here are a few of items that people typically overlook or think can’t be recycled, yet usually can be:


#1 – Aluminum foil

In some cities aluminum foil can be tossed in the recycling just like aluminum cans. Although, if your city does not accept it, then you can always reuse aluminum foil. Some ideas: wash and reuse it, or crunch it into balls and use it in your clothes dryer to take away the static.


#2 – Aerosol cans

Most cities allow aerosol cans to be recycled — as long as they are completely empty. However, if they’re still partially filled, you can always check with your recycling center to find recycling options for aerosol cans in your area.


#3 – Metal hangers

Some cities do allow these in the curbside pickup. But if they’re not accepted, you can always drop them off at your local recycling center. Taking metal hangers to your local drycleaner is even better, because reusing always trumps recycling. Here are some fun ways to reuse metal hangers yourself.


#4 – Items with labels & slightly dirty containers

As far as labels go, don’t worry about them. Recycling centers have machines that take care of removing labels. Also, recycling centers have ways to remove that tiny bit of peanut butter left in the jar, etc — so go ahead throw it in the recycling bin at your house. That said, food contamination is the biggest issue plaguing the recycling industry in America. So how much food residue is too much? What do you think?


Here’s a great list of things that can still be recycled, even though you can’t put them in curbside recycling or regular garbage.

For the ultimate recycling guide, check out Earth911.com.

Next time you’re headed to the trash can, double-check the item you’re about to throw away. You might be able to recycle it.

Have you ever found any item that you would have at first not considered recycling, but then found out your city allows?

photo via e-magic