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New iPhone Wind Energy App Released

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By Zachary

Do you think using more solar energy and wind energy is a good idea?

Of course you do.

Do you ever think, “I wonder how much wind energy I could produce with a wind turbine in my backyard,.. or on that piece of land,.. or on top of that mountain?”

Maybe, maybe not.

If you have, or if you think you will ponder such things now that I’ve brought this up, you’ll be happy to find out that Danish wind energy giant Vestas has released a new iPhone/iPad/iPod touch wind energy app that can answer those questions for you (coming to Window and Android phones soon as well).


Vestas actually has its own meteorology department and using that department’s vast amount of data, data regarding the company’s V112 3MW wind turbines, and data on your specific location from the GPS in your iPhone, the company can give you a pretty good estimate of your potential energy savings at any given location.

Along with potential energy savings, the iPhone also tells you the expected amount of carbon dioxide you could keep out of the atmosphere with such a turbine.

Of course, Vestas is hoping to sell some more wind turbines with this app, but what’s wrong with that? And the company does have plenty of unique information that it can share with us, so it’s nice that it is going the extra mile and doing so.

Lars Christensen, VP of Plant Siting and Forecasting at Vestas Technology R&D says,

“It’s pretty simple. We have so much knowledge that we can share with the broader public in a way that supports our product and our brand. This app gives extremely useful information for the end-user and at the same time we can promote wind.”

So, if you’re interested in this app, go ahead and get the Vestas Weather app at the iTunes store.

[Photo: swisscan/Flickr]