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I'm an outdoorsy and recently graduated from college yogi. In the past few years I’ve learned lots of simple steps to becoming greener and have found living green to not only be rewarding, but easy. I hope to pass on some of these simple ideas to you too!

This solar powered lamp performs just as well as the original SunJar but costs less.


Great reasons to consider treating your kids to a green summer camp this year.


The benefit of fruits and vegetables doesn't stop after you've eaten them. The remaining rinds and scraps can be quite handy around the house.

There's no clean-up when using these clever cups at a party! After finishing your drink, you can EAT them or TOSS them in the grass to absorb the nutrients.

Metal staples are out. This staple-free stapler lets you stitch your papers together without the use of staples!

Rid your home of an energy-sucking monster and let the air dry your clothes. You can air dry your clothes in any size space or at any time of the year.

Uh oh, you're in the checkout line and realize you forgot your reusable bags? What to do? Take the plastic bags, then reuse them in one of these 11 fun ways

These shoes can go from the trail to the road to the gym and to a nice dinner all without missing an eco-friendly beat.

Enterprise will 'pick you up' in Nissan's new all-electric LEAF beginning this month.