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Vegetarian Junk Food: PERFECT for Green Super Bowl Parties

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By Jeffrey

vegetarian-junk-food.jpg Throwing or attending a green Super Bowl Party this year?

Serve some tasy vegetarian junk food.

Wait… vegetarian junk food? Yup, that’s what I said.

Check out these great vegetarian junk food recipes…


Vegetarian Junk Food?

Ha, I bet you thought that vegetarians were just all health freaks that sat around eating nuts and veggies all day?

Not necessarily.

Vegetarians, like anyone else, have plenty of junk food options to choose from!

I’m not saying that these recipes are healthy by any stretch of the imagination. (They are junk food!) But they’re definitely better than regular junk food full of processed sugars and hydrogenated vegetable oil.


Best Vegetarian Junk Foods For A Party


More Great Vegetarian Junk Food Favs

Check out Suite 101’s Top 10 Unhealthy Vegetarian Snacks, including nachos & cheese, samosas and fries.

Web Ecoist has an awesome list twice that size, 20 Vegan Recipes That Don’t Suck. (This list also includes the VegWeb recipe for Samosas, meaning this must be a popular vegan indulgence!)


They Won’t Even Know The Difference

Give one of these vegan or vegetarian recipes a shot.

Here’s a fun idea: don’t tell anyone at the party that it’s a vegan or vegetarian dish. I seriously doubt they’ll even know the difference!

What’s your favorite vegan or vegetarian comfort food?