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What if you have an unexpected vegetarian dinner guest this year? Here are 3 quick & easy vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes to wow your dinner guests.


The benefit of fruits and vegetables doesn't stop after you've eaten them. The remaining rinds and scraps can be quite handy around the house.

A new year is a great reason to make some changes that you've been putting off for one reason or another. Here are some fun ways to live greener this year.

Save energy, time, and reduce stress by cooking Thanksgiving staples in a crock pot.

The best way to live green is to start your day off that way. Check out these easy ways to green morning routine.

Who says you can't grill an entire vegetarian meal? Not only CAN you, but you're TOTALLY missing out if you don't!

Your grilling habits could be taking a toll on your health and the environment. Check out these 4 FUN and easy ways to grill greener

Take the pledge to go Meatless in May...your body and your planet will thank you.

Take the challenge and fix some yummy vegan or vegetarian junk food for your next event, like a Super Bowl party. I bet no one even knows the difference!