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Toyota Prius Recall FAIL

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By Jeffrey

The sky is falling! the sky is falling! The Wall Street Journal sure has created a media frenzy by spreading the rumor that new Toyota Prius recalls are soon to be issued.

According to The Detroit Bureau,

“Toyota told me “no new recall being planned for the Prius to address this issue.”

Whether this ultimately holds remains to be seen.

For the record, the 2004-2009 Prius was part of Toyota’s November 2, 2009 announcement of a safety recall campaign to address floor mat entrapment in millions of Toyota and Lexus vehicles.”

And Toyota spokespeople are hard at work putting consumers at ease:


Instead of spending so much energy in damage control, I think Toyota does need to focus more on fixing their problems and making quality cars.

The Prius doesn’t get any marks for it’s speed or handling capabilities, but hey, maybe one day all the cool kids will want a Prius Hybrid Power Racing set!

If you’re worried about the chance of involuntary acceleration in your Prius (or other Toyota vehicle), follow PeachyGreen’s instructions.

Be sure to remove any floor mats on the drivers’ side, and do not replace them.  Should you be involved in a situation where the accelerator sticks, take the following steps:

  • Apply the brake pedal with both feet and use firm, steady pressure – do NOT pump the brakes
  • Shift into Neutral (N) and attempt a controlled stop at the side of the road
  • Turn off the engine if you cannot get the car into Neutral

We still have nothing but mad love for the Prius. There’s nothing like idling beside a gas guzzler just rumbling away when you know you’re not sipping an ounce of fuel.

Does the Toyota recall frighten you? Will it impact whether or not you purchase a Prius or other Toyota vehicle in the future?

If you find yourself in the Prius fan-boy camp and will stay loyal to the big T until your dying day, then you’ll love Casual Mafia’s “In My Prius” video.

Everybody now, “In my Prius! I be huggin’ mad trees…”