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Build Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven For $20

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By Jeffrey

DIY-pizza-oven.jpg Spring is on the way and I can almost smell the charcoal now. Soon everyone will emerge from the winter hibernation and begin grilling once again.

Oh sweet aroma of summer.

In your quest to grill greener and host many a eco-friendly barbecue this year, check out this outdoor pizza oven that you could build for $20!

I saw this diy pizza oven idea at Sustainablog over the weekend, and I applaud my friends over there for uncovering such a great project idea.

Jump over to Sustainablog’s post for the full details, but be warned, you WILL want to tackle this project after reading it.

All it takes to build this oven is a little time, clay, sand, sawdust, and some reclaimed bricks (you can find discarded bricks at any construction site).

 I’m sure you could even use this oven for more than just pizzas and bread. It would more than accommodate your favorite veggie burger recipe too.