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Some down & dirty practical ways that living green actually saves you more money than non-green options do - point by point, with my own firsthand examples.


Ford green cars are popular and highly rated. Check out Ford Motor Company's top 10 green initiatives and see for yourself how Ford goes further.

Nissan's new LEAF commercial is a refreshing bait and switch of polar bear cuteness.

Lance Armstrong may have won the Tour De France 7 times, but he still spends a lot of time behind cars... and he's tired of sucking on your tailpipe.

SNL does a twisted and funny rendition on what any good tree hugging couple might experience in a Toyota Prius with acceleration issues.

Toyota's handling of their massive recall is making it way too easy to make fun of them...and the Wall Street Journal is just throwing fuel on the fire.

What could be better than a white-boy-rap on the awesomeness of the Toyota Prius?

Spending a little money on living green can save you some BIG money in the long run.

With the economy and the price of oil like it is, many people are looking at buying hybrid vehicles. But is that really a good deal?