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What's better than recycled and non-toxic plates who's proceeds partially go to corresponding charities? Only such a plate with food on it.

Coal can get even the naughtiest person clean... as long as it's one of these handmade 'lump of coal' soaps from Etsy.

Get creative by using these easy-to-make bows on presents. Plus, fun ways to wrap Christmas presents without using commercial wrapping paper.

Looking for some great green dog toys? Check out the eco-friendly Gourdo dog throw toy from RuffWear. Your dog will jump for joy!

Stumped on what to get dad for Fathers Day? Here's 5 gifts that will make ANY dad try not to squeal with excitement.

Your grilling habits could be taking a toll on your health and the environment. Check out these 4 FUN and easy ways to grill greener

Check out these 8 amazing and FREE DIY projects that can save you $100's. They're all made out of cardboard!


VerdeGoh! is the 1st and only green biz of it's kind. You can buy an all electric vehicle and the charge it in the parking lot of the Green General Store too!

Looking for affordable certified organic flowers? Organic Bouquet is THE place to buy organic flowers... for SOOOO many reasons!