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5 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts That Will Wow ANY Dad… Green Or Not

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By Jeffrey

It’s time to shower all the dads out there with great eco-friendly gifts sure to make ANY father squeal with excitement like a little girl.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like most of the dads I know don’t really care about living green or being eco-friendly.


In fact, it seems like a good number of them actually view living greener as some form of sissification.

Do you see that in the dads you know?

So the trick is to find eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts that are sure to WOW your dad whether he’s uber-green, doesn’t really care either way, or even if he thinks eco-friendliness is for girlie men.


Green Fathers Day Gifts for ANY Dad

#1 – BBQ Branding Irons 


I’ve mentioned the BBQ branding irons from Texas Irons a lot here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green — most recently on the 4 Fun Ways to Grill Greener This Summer post.

Sure, the branding irons aren’t inherently “green” themselves, but they sure can be reused over and over again as a FUN element to great summers of green grilling!

Imagine the look on your dad, the grill master’s, face when he discovers he can now mark all meats, veggies, and probably random pieces of wood with his own custom brand.

The branding irons range from $19.95 for a single brand to $69.95 for detailed, interchangeable brands.


fathers-day-casio-solar-powered-watch.jpg#2 – Solar Powered Sport Watch

For as long as I can remember, an Ironman sport watch adorned the wrist of my dad’s left arm. And when there was no watch, there was the precise tan line of the Ironman watch.

Ironman does make some pretty decent solar powered watches, but Casio’s seem much sleeker, get better reviews, and appear more feature-rich.

Casio’s solar powered watches start at around $30 on Amazon and go up to the $400 range. It seems like the most popular models are between $50-$100.


fathers-day-eco-friendly-recycled-hammock.jpg#3 – The Ultimate Hammock

The Ultimate Hammock is made from recycled soda bottles and has a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs… so it can easily accommodate the largest of dads.

The Ultimate Hammock is available from Gaiam for $189. (Also on Amazon.)


fathers-day-recycled-tie-suit-wallets.jpg#4 – Recycled Suit & Tie Wallet

I originally saw this great product on TreeHugger’s incredible Father’s Day Green Gift Guide. Instead of defaulting to a new tie, put a different twist on your gift this year and give him a recycled wallet made from a repurposed suit or necktie.

From $10-25, it’ll also cost you LESS than a nice necktie too!


organic-tshirt#5 – Organic T-Shirt from WE ADD UP

WE ADD UP (who I previously detailed in length) is offering a 10% discount on their already incredibly priced organic t-shirts for fathers day. Simply enter the coupon code “GreenDad” at checkout.

That will bring your price to a mere $19.80 for a 100% organic, sweatshop-free, and USA made t-shirt.


More Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Ideas

Do you see anything on the above list that my tickle your dad’s fancy?

If you’ve already got him a great eco-friendly gift, please share it in the comments….we promise we won’t tell…