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Positive Effects of Deforestation: No More Allergies

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By Jeffrey

positive-effects-of-deforestation.jpg Who says environmental destruction has to be all bad?

It’s only bad if you look at it badly.

Oh wait, let me remove my tongue from my cheek, where it was just firmly implanted…

We’ve been under a high to very-high pollen alert for the last week in Nashville, TN, where I live.

My eyes have been itchy, swollen, and red, my throat has been scratchy, and my sinuses feel like they’re trying to pound out of my head.

I feel like I could just possibly by into the delusion of this cartoon right about now.

I’ve heard that local raw honey can help ease pollen allergies.

Have you had any luck with that? What’s your best natural trick to knock out pesky spring allergies?