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Fighting Climate Change Takes People Change…and More Giant Piano Stairs

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By Jeffrey

We don’t really get into the weighty climate change discussion that often around here…nor are we going to today. But since it is Blog Action Day, we will say that one thing is for sure: to stop and reverse climate change, we are going to need people change.

One creative and fun way that Volkswagon’s “Fun Theory” initiative is helping people make better choices is to make it fun…hence the name.

They turned a Stockholm staircase into a giant piano and 66% more people took the stairs instead of the adjacent escalator. Check it out:

Who knows, if more staircases were like this, maybe we wouldn’t even need escalators and the power that they consume. I’m sure those piano key stairs draw some power, but not nearly what that moving escalator does!

Even if you can’t find any stairs turned musical instruments today, do one simple thing and ditch the elevator or escalator and take the stairs. You may even think of some ways to make a regular old staircase more fun. You never know!