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Green Jobs

If you're looking for a green job, here are 10 awesome career choices. From urban planning to recycling, these are 10 green jobs that are booming!

3 young filmmakers travel across the United States to showcase creative and local solutions to climate change.

This video shows you just how to choke the life out of a narrow minded climate skeptic...because what else are you going to do with them?


A funny cartoon showing how whether or not global warming were a hoax or not, increased environmental responsibility is always a good thing.

Captain Planet returns from his absence of keeping our planet safe from evil climate destroying villains to shift his focus towards dealing with the UN.

The planet may very well be fighting against our fight against climate change. What is its primary weapons? TREES!

Turning a staircase into a giant piano is one fun way to help people change to fight climate change.

Global warming is one of the fastest killers on the planet...just look at what happened to Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, and Ice-T.

As the late, great, George Carlin asks in this comedy bit, "Is it the planet or the people?" This George Carlin video will make you scratch your head!