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Cool Green Products: 4 Green Gadgets To Fit Your Style

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By Jeffrey

NBC’s Today Show seems to feature at least one “green” story every day… on the days I actually get to watch it, that is.

This morning, they highlighted some handy (and trendy) green gadgets that satisfy both the eye and the environment.

Many of us are unaware of how easy it is to actually live green. That’s the idea behind this blog — to pass on what I am learning as I dive deeper into the green life, and to learn from you in your endeavors.


Since this is the first day of spring, many of us are getting the itch to redecorate, redesign, and remodel. Basically, we’re ready to get all the crap out of our lives and our homes and start fresh, like everything else in nature.

As you dive into your spring cleaning and overall spruce up, consider some items like the ones featured on the Today Show this morning.


4 Cool Green Gadgets

First, and most obviously, is the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL).

I won’t go in to much detail about CFL’s, for I detailed their features and benefits in one of my very first posts here at the Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

I would, however, like to point out that Phillips is now making CFL’s encased in a traditional incandescent housing, for those of us who don’t like the spirally look of non-encased CFL’s.


The second gadget is the LG 4.0 cubic foot Front Load Steam Washer.

At Home Depot this bad boy is $39 dollars per month (currently with no interest for 12 months).

Front load washing machines use only 13 gallons of water compared to top load models that chug a whopping 40 gallons per wash!!! That’s not only wasting clean water, but green money as well!


The third gadget featured was a water powered alarm clock.

Not needing one alarm clock to be plugged in at all times reduces the phantom current draw and can save you LOTS more money than you would think.

This alarm clock keeps perfect time without batteries or electricity. Just twist off the base and fill with water. Pretty cool huh?


Lastly, is the Juice Solar Tote, a backpack or messenger bag with solar panels built in for anywhere electricity for all your devices!

This bag will power all your 12V devices like your iPod, PDA, digital camera, GPS, and cell phone.

Unfortunately, the bags aren’t powerful enough to charge your laptop, but the company says “keep an eye on us, we have a solution brewing for use with laptops and other larger devices!”


These 4 devices can really help you express your individual style, save money, and of course save the environment.

What are some of your favorite green gadgets?