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9 budget-friendly ways to make an eco friendly house - from replacing plastic with natural materials to using eco friendly cleaning products & 7 other green home tips.

Automatic Car Washes

Here's proof: 4 reasons automatic car washes are environmentally friendly. Plus 4 money-saving tips before you take your car through an automatic car wash.

Best Indoor Plants

These 10 are definitely the best indoor plants to clean the air inside your house. These houseplants are all easy to find, and most are super easy to grow!

Toothpaste, cooking oil, lemons, vinegar, and baking soda are cheap, natural cleaning products you already have in your home. Use them as green cleaners!

Living green means your shower habits also need to be environmentally friendly. Here are 3 green shower tips you can use every day.

Going green, getting healthier, and cleaning out your winter junk can all be accomplished in one fell swoop.


The benefit of fruits and vegetables doesn't stop after you've eaten them. The remaining rinds and scraps can be quite handy around the house.

Rid your home of an energy-sucking monster and let the air dry your clothes. You can air dry your clothes in any size space or at any time of the year.


You probably already have 3 of the most powerful cleaning agents in your kitchen pantry. Here's how to use them.