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In A Yoga Studio, Far, Far Away…

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By Jeffrey

star-wars-yoga.jpg Is it just me or does the practicing of yoga seem like an activity reserved for trendy, new age elitists that enjoy the sound of sitars and monotone instructors?

Oh don’t get me wrong, I think many of the poses are very beneficial for your body, I’ve just been jaded by the stereotype.

Well if, like me, you feel the same way, join me in embracing the new wave of yoga…Star Wars Yoga. It’s true, I’m a Star Wars nerd from WAY back, and I can feel that the the force is strong with you too.

You think I’m joking? Read on…

Who needs downward facing dog when you can be in downward facing wookie? Who wants to be in tortoise when you could spend some time in X-Wing?

A cat named Matthew Lattkiewicz explores the comedy potential of Star Wars branded yoga in a series of correspondence between faux Lucasfilm executive Steve Jones and George Lucas. In this comedic string of letters, Matthew lays out 13 force-inspired yoga poses. Awesome!

Even WIRED UK was impressed with Star Wars yoga. They said,

Contemplating the names of yoga poses led Matthew Latkiewicz, a lifelong Star Wars nerd, to create his own Lucasfilm-themed postures. He posted pics of himself performing some of them, including the TIE Fighter, and the Half I Am Your Father, to his blog, framed as missives to Lucas from the marketing dept. "I loved the idea of someone pitching him branded yoga," he says. "There’s mysticism to the films — a lot of Jedi/yogi overlap — so it sounds plausible. Which makes it even funnier." His yoga is based on the original trilogy but Latkiewicz says he might create some prequel-inspired poses. "I’d call one ‘The Disappointed Fanboy’."


Ironically (and previously unbeknown to me), many yoga practitioners actually DO incorporate allusions to the Star Wars films. The formerly free hour-long yoga videos from Yoga Today actually explore Star Wars yoga for real (but unfortunately not utilizing the actual Star Wars yoga poses). Luckily, you can still check out a free preview of one such Yoga Today Sat Wars yoga video.

Still wonder how many yogi’s are drawing on the Star Wars films for inspiration? Seattle-based mobile yoga studio, Phyzz Yoga, uses Darth Vader as an example of how to execute ujayi breath or "breath of victory".

On that note, if you are going to follow in the steps of Lord Vader and walk down the path of the dark side of yoga, you’re definitely going to need a set of ceramic incense holders that are the shape of Darth Vader’s and a Storm Trooper’s head.

Yeah, seriously…They’re $50 at Amazon.com

So if you are interested in getting into yoga, be sure to check out Gaiam’s blog for lots of great yoga info, and their store for all kinds of great yoga gear.

Thanks to my friend Waylon Lewis, editor-in-chief at Elephant Journal, I would have never seen the image of the Storm Trooper doing yoga and NEVER would have googled the phrase "Star Wars yoga". Follow @ElephantJournal on Twitter for awesome yoga info and more!