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Toxin-Free Loaders & LED Dozers: Perfect Toys For Every Boy

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By Jeffrey

It’s no secret that today’s toys are riddled with toxins of all varieties.

Luckily there are a few companies, like Sprig Toys, that are keeping your kids safe and the earth beautiful.

Of course if Sprig’s eco-friendly toys that harness both kid and kinetic power aren’t a suit for your youngster, you can always retrofit your current toys with uber-cheap solar powered lights and sound.


Bisphenol-A, non-rechargeable batteries, and toxic paints can be found in many preschooler toys today.

Sprig Toys has a problem with that.

The folks behind Sprig Toys also felt like the toys of today were moving towards a passive and “sit back and watch” form of interaction…or lack thereof…so they decided to design a line of eco-friendly toys that promotes and encourages activity.

What a novel idea, eh?

Sprig says this about their toys:

“Our Sprig Adventure Series harnesses the natural kinetic energy of push- and pump-action play to generate lights and sounds – all without batteries. However, our tales of discovery don’t stop here. Playing in sand and dirt is good clean fun with our affordable Eco-Trucks line that includes an Excavator, Loader and Dump Truck. Curiosity and giggles also grow at Sprig Hollow. These friendly play sets, vehicles and sweet, buggy characters explore anywhere from gardens to the bedroom.

Designed for the active preschool child, our vehicles, character bodies and play sets are molded using SprigwoodTM – a child-safe, bio-composite material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic.”

If you’re looking to check out the awesomeness of Sprig Toys for FREE, go on over to The Daily Green and enter their contest to win a free eco-friendly Sprig toy!


DIY Retrofit For Solar Powered Toys

solar-powered-toys.jpgI stumbled upon this wonderful Instructable DIY on how to retrofit your old toy truck (or any toy, for that matter) with solar-powered lights.


By repurposing a couple of old solar-powered garden lights.

Check it out!

Is eco-friendliness and safety something you consider when shopping for toys?