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solar in uk schools

A clever UK website has come up with a way for parents & eco-minded community members to donate small amounts of money to put solar on local schools' roofs.

Sun Cutter low tech light cutter

There are all kinds of ways to harness the power of the sun. This 3D printer and light-cutting sunglasses are just a couple of them.

SIGG water bottles - especially SIGG wide mouth bottles - are the best reusable water bottles in the market. There's a design and style to fit your needs.

The Hydros Bottle is a BPA-free water bottle that can filter your water on the go AND raise money for clean water initiatives around the world.

Beware! Shiny coated paper store receipts deliver BPA to your skin alarmingly easier than plastic water bottles do!

Pumpkin pie is great, but so boring. Check out these 9 creative pumpkin recipes to enjoy this fall.

Eco-friendly toy trucks that WON'T harm your youngster.

Stumped on what to get dad for Fathers Day? Here's 5 gifts that will make ANY dad try not to squeal with excitement.

Our review of the Lunchsense lunch box. It's an eco-friendly, lead free, BPA free, and vinyl free lunch box that you're gonna love!