Guerrilla Gardening: 5 Fun and Easy Gardening Projects To Try

by Jeffrey

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Starting your own garden is much easier than you might think.

You don’t have to dive in head first and attempt to grow all of your own food. Having even a small container garden with easy to grow herbs is incredibly rewarding!

It’s supposed to be a relatively pleasant weekend for most of the U.S., so check out these easy and fun gardening ideas. Any of them would make great projects for the weekend.



Right now is the time to be planting your cold and frost hearty plants.

Think salads. Any type of lettuce or root vegetable like broccoli, carrots, onions, and potatoes can get in the ground now.

What do you do if you’d like to test out your green thumb but have no desire to grow your own herbs or veggies?

Plant a garden or some flowers somewhere else.

That’s called guerrilla gardening, and we’ve got some great ideas for that too.


5 Fun and Easy Gardening Ideas


Gardening at Home:

1.  Re-Nest shows you how to grow strawberries (or anything, for that matter) in a window box

2.  Planet Green has an awesome idea to make your garden planting easier…make your own seed mats!

3.  Build your own container garden out of shipping pallets. I did this last year for my first garden.


Guerrilla Gardening:

4.  Are potholes plaguing your neighborhood or street? Plant a mini guerrilla garden in them. It may even help slow down traffic in residential areas too.

5.  You can beautify almost any empty space with a mini garden. Check out Inhabitat’s idea for using existing posters that cover many urban walls and street posts as containers to get all guerrilla on.


What’s your favorite idea for simple gardening projects?