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The NFL Superbowl Goes Green

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By Jeffrey

green-nfl-logo.jpgWhat’s the least known corporation that’s been offsetting its environmental impact for the last 14 years?

Answer: The NFL.

Who knew? Obviously not me.

This year is actually the 2nd year in a row that the SuperBowl will run on 100% renewable energy. Wow, chock that up to yet another fact I didn’t know.

I have to ask, why is the NFL not promoting this more and how else will this year’s SuperBowl go green?

Let’s find out…

Perhaps one of the reasons the SuperBowl will be green this year is b/c of the state of Arizona’s care for the environment.

They actually have a government branch that represents this, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Arizona actually rank 10th in Forbes’ America’s Greenest States list, published last October.


5 Ways The SuperBowl Goes Green

NFL-spike-bullet.jpgRenewable Energy Credits: “Salt River Project, the largest supplier of power to the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area, is supplying SRP EarthWise Energy renewable energy 50x50-spacer-image.jpgcertificates to indirectly offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with both the Super Bowl and the NFL Experience.”

NFL-spike-bullet.jpgPlanting Trees: “[T]he NFL and the Host Committee will plant thousands of trees to help offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced by Super Bowl events.”

NFL-spike-bullet.jpgPrepared Food Recovery: The NFL and event managers will work with local shelters, churches and soup kitchens to collect and distribute prepared food to members of the community.”

NFL-spike-bullet.jpgSolid Waste Management: “The NFL works with facility managers and waste haulers to recycle as many commodities (paper, aluminum, plastic, etc.) as is practical at each location.”

NFL-spike-bullet.jpgMaterials Donation: “The Super Bowl and its many events generate a lot of leftover materials, supplies and equipment. [M]uch of this material is recovered and donated to local 50x50-spacer-image.jpgnonprofits for reuse or for fundraising purposes.”

Check out more info about the 2008 SuperBowl’s initiative to go green, complete with 42 recycling facts and statistics from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and view more info about the NFL’s Environmental Program as a whole.