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Green Coffee

Eco friendly coffee practices go WAY beyond just using green coffee beans. I've found a few clever ways to go green while drinking coffee. Have you tried these?

Adopting green office habits can be simple if small steps are taken each day. photo by Phillie Casablanca on Flickr.

Trying to adopt green office habits? Here are 5 tips that can make reaching that goal a easier.

Great eco-friendly gift ideas for your special woman on Valentine's Day


You probably already have 3 of the most powerful cleaning agents in your kitchen pantry. Here's how to use them.

Greening your night time routine can help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up feeling healthy and rested.

Greening your daily activities is easier than you think. Check out some of these ideas and then share some of your own.

Be sure you buy just the right gift for all the green girls on your Christmas list.

Reducing your amount of waste can be more difficult in the suburbs, but with a little common sense and creativity, it's perfectly possible.

Can you correctly answer whether these phrases are names of BP oil cleanup ideas or actually bad action movie titles? Yeah, the similarity is striking...