Green Gifts: 7 Last-Minute Christmas Present Ideas

Green Christmas present ideas

If you’re like me and totally haven’t been thinking about Christmas this year, perhaps you’re still in need of some Christmas gifts. Hopefully, I can help you out with this list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas (green ones, of course). There are all kinds of awesome things to get the greener-minded folks on your Christmas list. The cool thing about giving a green gift to someone who cares about the environment, is that the types of things you may give that person are the types of … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids a Green Jump Start at an Eco Summer Camp


Do you ever wish that you would have learned the cool “green” stuff that you know now, a few years earlier? If so, why not give your kids, or kids you know, a chance to do just that...a jumpstart on learning, if you will. How you might ask? Summer camp of course! Don’t get me wrong, there’s always the option of giving a green book to read, but eco-friendly camp just sounds WAY more fun. Read on to check out a list of several great ones.   … [Read more...]

Kigo Footwear Review: Treading Lightly In Style

If you’re like me, the new year has you thinking about getting out and being more active. Kigo Footwear is a company that wants to help you do that in style. Kigo is a company that provides minimalist, eco-friendly footwear for the active person. They strive to provide footwear that is not only durable, but lightweight and stylish as well. Sounds too good to be true, eh? They were cool enough to send us a pair of their Edge and Curv styles to test and review, so read on to see what we … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Green Your Evening Routine

If you look at the 3 articles in this series (8 Ways to Green Your Morning Routine, 5 Ways to Green Your Daytime Routine, and this one), I think one thing clearly stands out. While “greening your transport” or “greening your diet” may look like individual green actions on the surface (i.e. the same as “greening your wardrobe”), these cover actions that you do not only once a year, not only once a month, not only everyday even, but a few times a day. So, the point is, they add up to a lot. … [Read more...]

Reasons To Try A Holistic Approach to Fall and Winter Health

The temperature is getting cooler and the leaves are about to start changing. But the change in the seasons can sometimes cause the body's defenses to weaken and allow you to get sick. Most of us run to the medicine cabinet to grab our sinus or cold medication of choice. But this fall you might want to consider holistic medicine as an alternative to conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is usually taken once the body becomes sick, whereas holistic medicine concentrates on healing the body … [Read more...]

Zombie Yoga: Living A Full Life Through Undead Lessons

I love zombies. They can teach us so much if we can only get past their decaying flesh and misunderstood moans. The Zen of Zombie, by Scott Kenemore, not only helps us better understand the undead culture, but shows us ways we can actually live better through lessons gleaned from them. ...and how to avoid having your brain eaten by the occasional hoard of unhappy zombies. In a great promo for the book an ad was run around New York City that simply said, "Dress like a zombie and bring … [Read more...]

Pervy Yoga Instructor FAIL

So apparently all you have to do if you want to be able to cop a cheap feel and get away with it all day long is become a yoga instructor. Yikes. What do you call this pose? Inverted lotus fondle? Maybe these yoga chics should try Star Wars yoga from now on...then they can come back and go all Jedi on this yoga instructor's pervy ass. Brought to you via the FailBlog. Must read: 5 Things No One Wants To See In A Yoga Class! … [Read more...]

In A Yoga Studio, Far, Far Away…

Is it just me or does the practicing of yoga seem like an activity reserved for trendy, new age elitists that enjoy the sound of sitars and monotone instructors? Oh don't get me wrong, I think many of the poses are very beneficial for your body, I've just been jaded by the stereotype. Well if, like me, you feel the same way, join me in embracing the new wave of yoga...Star Wars Yoga. It's true, I'm a Star Wars nerd from WAY back, and I can feel that the the force is strong with you too. You … [Read more...]