Sustainable Sex: Who Said Living Green Isn’t Fun?

A common complaint about living green is that it takes too much effort and has no immediate gratification for the individual.

Well, greening your sex life will surely bring that train of thought to a screeching halt, won’t it?

My last post contained some information about bamboo fiber sheets that happen to be softer than cotton, have a drape like silk, and are very green and sustainable.

That post got me thinking about the topic for this one… for obvious reasons.

So what are some ways to go green in the bedroom? No, I’m not talking about the bamboo sheets this time.



On Valentine’s Day, posted an article titled, How To Green Your Sex Life. They covered a lot of information there, so I’ll reference that post for a minute.

NOTE: That post is not safe for work and I do not personally agree with some of the ideas listed there.

So here we go…

(Hey mom, you may want to look away now.)


The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

It doesn’t take much to get things going and add a little spice to the sex life. Many times a little lube can go a long way.

When picking out a lubricant, always avoid ones that are petroleum based and contain anything prefaced with the word “artificial”.


Get Some Blood Flowing… In The Rest Of The Body

Physical fitness will not only reduce a person’s dependency on harmful or help cut down on fossil fuel consumption (depending on your activity of choice) but can and will kick your libido into over drive. reported that:

“After studying more than 31,000 men, the Harvard School of Public Health researchers reported that those who were physically active had a 30% lower risk for erectile dysfunction than the men with little or no physical activity.

Women reap the exercise benefits, too. One study by the University of British Columbia found that 20 minutes of exercise spurred greater sexual response in the women participants compared with no exercise at all.

And overall, people who exercise regularly feel better about themselves, feel more sexually desirable and report higher levels of satisfaction, according to a study in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality.”


Get Cleaned Up Together After That Work Out

Showering together after that workout — or in general — will save water and further enhance the love making mojo.

However, if things get really steamy, take it on into the bedroom (or wherever the romp is to occur) or you may end up wasting water instead.

What are some fun ways you can think of to have sustainable sex?

Here are 10 Tips To Green Up Your Sex Life.



Yo. I'm Jeffrey. I think every little step is an awesome one when it comes to living green... but eco-snobbery sucks.

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