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The Cosmos Recycles, Why Don’t We?

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By Jeffrey

death-star-trail.jpgIf we don’t save our planet, the universe will create a new one…but humans won’t inhabit it.

It’s true, this feeble rock we call home is our one and only shot. We should all take a lesson from dying stars 400 times the size of our sun and do a bit of recycling.

Oh you didn’t know that stars traveling 80 miles per second recycle? You’d be surprised…

Via CNN Space & Science this morning, scientists using NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer Telescope have observed a Red Giant hurtling through our Milky Way on a path to its own destruction…

Never fear, its recycling itself.

This never before observed occurrence of a dying star with a debris tail spanning 13 light years can teach us a lot on how to care for our own planet.

You see, as Mira (the Red Giant–which is a dying star–of focus) breaks apart, stars, planets, and maybe even life will form from it’s dust, particles, and debris.

“‘It [Mira] is giving us this fantastic insight into the death processes of stars and their renewals — their phoenix-like revivals as their ashes get cycled backed into the next generation of stars,’ added Michael Shara of the American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University in New York.”

Why not take up recycling ourselves? Here’s how: