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The best way to live green is to start your day off that way. Check out these easy ways to green morning routine.

If you want to live green, why not start with the stuff that gives you life to begin with? It's time to embrace organic food.

Can you guess how many pounds of food additives the average American consumes each year? Put it this way, if it were a baby, that labor would majorly suck.


This is an unbelievably blatant attempt at tricking new organic shoppers into buying a 'natural' potato chip that isn't even organic.

Move over Cadbury Easter eggs! This homemade organic creme filled Easter egg recipe is unbelievably easy on the diet.

Who says you need a lot of land to garden? All you have to do is plant vertically, not horizontally.

Whether you've been planning a St. Patrick's Day party for weeks or you're just throwing one together, here's everything you need to know to keep it truly green.

Locally produced raw honey is a miracle sweetener and touted cure-all...but 82% of households use processed honey. What's the difference?

3 great organic, fair trade, eco-friendly, and healthier Halloween candy ideas that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and NOT break your budget.