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See why I think the SnapPower LED night light is the best night light ever -- both from a practical, low-budget standpoint and from an eco-friendly one.

Tips for building an eco-friendly house including special consideration for flooring, windows, roof, lighting, paint, and geothermal heating & cooling.

If you'd like to lower your utility bills, then these energy efficient remodeling tips should come in handy!

Think solar panels are too expensive to install on your home? Check out these new peel and stick panels that cut costs by 60 percent!

What if your house could be one giant water saving machine? If it were built out of Save Water Bricks, it could be.

If the eco-friendliness of the new LEED certified Majestic 12 movie theater doesn't sway you, the VIP theater sure will!

The nation's 1st LEED registered movie theater, The Majestic 12, is now open for business in Chattanooga, TN. Check out these interviews!

Restoring your old and dingy deck to like-new can be WAY easier than you think!

Heading to the ATL for business or pleasure and want to stay in the greenest hotel in Atlanta? Look no further than the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta.