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Check out the awesome eco-friendly features of the HGTV 2009 Green Home...and it's one EPIC eco-fail!

Check out these incredibly FUN interviews on the street of people in Nashville, TN right before and during the darkness of Earth Hour

Can 15,000 square feet worth of mansion be green? The argument is getting pretty heated...what do you think?


VerdeGoh! is the 1st and only green biz of it's kind. You can buy an all electric vehicle and the charge it in the parking lot of the Green General Store too!

Love that fresh paint smell? Did you know it could actually be killing you... literally? Here's what you need to know about low-VOC and no-VOC paints.

Want to save the earth? Conquer your bladder shyness and use a urinal.

6 fun, easy, inexpensive DIY projects using bamboo. You're gonna love these! There's no better way to spruce up your living space than with some panda food.

Everything you need to know to buy a tankless hot water heater.

Thinking of installing a tankless water heater? It could be more complicated than we think. Check out these helpful hints before you buy.