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Cool solar gadgets don't just have to be small scale consumer products. Check these out!

Green Jobs

If you're looking for a green job, here are 10 awesome career choices. From urban planning to recycling, these are 10 green jobs that are booming!

solar in uk schools

A clever UK website has come up with a way for parents & eco-minded community members to donate small amounts of money to put solar on local schools' roofs.

logitech k750 wireless solar keyboard for mac users

There are all kinds of useless solar powered gadgets on the market, but these 7 are among the coolest, and more useful, of those gadgets.

darth vadar kid using the force

If only we could employ the force to lower gas prices... but at least a clean energy revolution can.


Solar power doesn't have to be a solo affair...your entire community can go solar together!

Is clean coal a myth or a reality? Maybe the answer isn't as cut and dry as you might think.

Do you think renewable energy cost too much? Maybe you're just confusing price with cost...or are you?

The 2008 SuperBowl is going green. Find out how, why, and the reason you haven't heard it yet.