Turn Your Old Sneakers Into Funky Solar-Powered Lights

by Josh

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If you’re like me then you probably have an old pair of shoes lying around the house that you just can’t part with.

Why not turn those beloved old shoes into something that you can use or just help add style to your casa, solar-powered street lights. I know you’re probably wondering “how in the world did a company think to merge these two things and come up with such a cool product”.


A Scottish design firm by the name of Lost Values came up with the idea, drawing inspiration from all the Shoefiti, in neighborhoods around Scotland.

You’ve seen shoefiti haven’t you? It doesn’t take much of a walk at all to find a pair of sneakers tied together and tossed around a telephone wire. Lost Values simply noticed the popularity of the strange habit and decided to create an actual reason for it.

They designed the product for an exhibition and due to it’s popularity, decided to make it a product to sell.

To make a solar-powered shoe street lamp all you need is a Solar Street Light Kit, that can be purchased from Lost Values, and your beloved pair of sneakers. The Solar Street light kit is comprised of:

  • solar cells to soak up all that energy from the sun
  • LED lights which obviously provide the light

The kit comes in sizes kid and adult as well as two light choices, white and mood-changing colored.

Of course you don’t have to use your newly converted solar-powered light shoes to wrap around a telephone wire. You could also use them as some funny or tacky landscape lighting or patio lighting.

With the seasons changing and it getting darker earlier, add a solar-powered street lamp to that walkway or driveway to help you see when you get home or are leaving the house early in the morning. Plus, it might just add some style to your street.

If you just can’t part with your old sneakers, why not resole them or even convert them into an entirely different type of shoe with Resole America?

Source: Ecouterre