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Two-Color, Solar Powered, SunJar-Like Lamp Review

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By Josh

With summer fast approaching, I know I am looking forward to warm evenings spent out on my porch… maybe a good brew in hand as well.

Now as the light fades off into the night, wouldn’t it be great to have a lamp to set the ambiance that you could turn on that wouldn’t waste energy?

Yeah, I think it’d be pretty cool too.


I was recently given the opportunity to review a product from our friends at that does just that.

The product I’m speaking of is a Solar Powered Lamp.


Solar Powered Lamp Review

Not only is this lamp solar powered, but it also has 2 color settings: blue and orange.

The lamp is made out of a “frosted” glass that gives off just enough light if you’re looking for something to have as a “background light” or something to set the ambiance for you and that special someone (or just a nice night on your porch).

However, if you’re looking for a lamp with a light bright enough to read or perform other tasks that require good visibility, than I would say this might not be the best choice of a lamp for you.

While the “frosted” glass does give the lamp an attractive look, it is still glass. This presents a problem in that if knocked over, it has a high risk of breaking. I considered the possibility that the glass might be made extra durable or thick for such an instance so decided to test it out.

At a fall of just less than a foot, let’s just say… the floor won.

Although the lamp does do exactly what it says, giving off solar powered light in 2 colors, the price of $29.99 seems a little steep for me considering the brightness and durability of the lamp (though it’s still cheaper than the original SunJar).

That said, you can make your own very similar set of 4 solar-powered SunJar-esque lamps for $11… total!

Have you bought a solar powered SunJar type lamp from MiniInTheBox or another vendor? If so, what are your thoughts about how it performs and how durable it is?