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5 Bike Commuting Tips + 1 Video Showing What NOT To Do!

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By Jeffrey

What do you do when you happen upon a ramp that has clearly been well constructed from a piece of plywood and a sawhorse as you bike to work this week?

Jump it, of course.

The most important part of jumping a ramp of any height is, of course, landing.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do:

This video is no longer available from

So how do you stay safe (from traffic and ramp jumping alike) while you bike to work this week?

Performance Bike has some great tips.

They say:

  1. Plan your route. Avoid heavy traffic and construction zones. Use a tool such as Google Maps or ask other bike commuters to suggest the best routes.
  2. Watch the weather. Know what to expect so you can plan ahead and dress appropriately.
  3. Maintain your bike. Check tire pressure often. Inspect tires for wear at least once a week. Tighten quick releases, bolts and screws regularly. Ensure that brakes are working properly prior to every ride. Keep chain, pedals and other moving parts properly lubricated.
  4. Be prepared. Carry an extra tube or patch kit, tire levers and a pump or CO2 inflator. Pack a small multi-tool or set of basic hex wrenches for emergency repairs.
  5. Keep extra clothes and clean-up essentials at the office. Instead of toting your change of clothes and personal hygiene essentials such as towels, wipes and deodorant every time you commute, store a week’s worth of clothes and clean-up essentials at work.

Like we’ve mentioned before, it’s a great idea to check out’s Commuting 101 info.

Have you already or are you going to be commuting to work by bike any this week? If so, what are some of your favorite fun and safety tips?

Image: Sierra Club