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Guerilla Dumpster Diving: Sometimes the Dumpster You’re Diving Into Really Is A Swimming Pool!

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By Jeffrey

DumpsterPool.jpg I absolutely LOVE to go dumpster diving…

I’ve just never dove into a dumpster that was actually a swimming pool!

This is what it’s all about right here folks. Reclaiming a dilapidated urban space and transforming in into a hub for people to meet, mingle, eat, and enjoy each other’s company…and all through the reuse of construction dumpsters.


The creative minds of Macro|Sea are the ones behind this project and you can find their urban makeshift country club in an undisclosed location somewhere in Brooklyn.

I normally can’t stand mission statements.

However, Macro|Sea’s is about the best I’ve ever seen:

“…a company created to do projects that we find interesting.”

Ha. So there ya go. Plain and simple.

Like Andrew at ReadyMade (who originally broke this story) said:

The pool project was a small part of something much larger. Macro-Sea has been involved with a number of artists, architects and retailers across the country working to transform defunct strip malls. By stripping and altering its [strip malls] common architectural features, adding community space and involvement, and carefully selecting and curating vendors and the space itself Macro-Sea hopes to create and promote a place for people to shop, meet, learn, and engage with one another.

In other words, you might call it the ULTIMATE in guerrilla gardening.

If you’re inspired by this awesome project, maybe you should take my friends at MNN‘s advice and build your own pool (or hot tub) out of a dumpster.


via Apartment Therapy