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Greener Gadgets 09: Planet F*ckers and Energy Suckers

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By Jeffrey

This year’s Greener Gadgets Conference in New York yesterday was wonderful, but ironically had little to do with greener gadgets of any kind.

Instead of showcasing the latest eco whirly bots or doo dads, the conversation focused more on our need for more sustainable design of "heirloom products" (products that last a LOOOONG time and need not be replaced or recycled every 18 months).

The brilliant Saul Griffith delivered the keynote yesterday morning and supplied a quote that both summed up the conference and will go down in infamy.

When talking about surprising discoveries of his own carbon footprint he said,

"I was surprised to find out that I am a planet f*cker…. and I have bad news for you…. You are all planet f*ckers too!"

Read on to check out my live tweets of the conference yesterday and a recap of the VIP Waterkeeper Alliance party in SoHo (complete with Robert Kennedy Jr) that one of my green blog buds graciously got me into! 


Live Tweets

Be sure to read from top to bottom as these tweets are from most recent to least recent.

Just so you know, #gg09 was the hashtag for Greerner Gadgets this year.

  1. Had to leave a few minutes early to catch my flight, but i heard the tweet-a-watt won the design comp. Nice! Can’t wait to make one. #gg09
    about 16 hours ago from txt
  2. @ejgertz tell me about it! the wifi here in the conf room is sketchy at best. @heycoop said it’s screaming in the press room though. #gg09
    about 19 hours ago from TweetDeck
  3. in this panel session it’s becoming more and more clear that even big companies still need to learn the diffrence between PRICE & COST #gg09
    about 19 hours ago
    from TweetDeck
  4. engadget’s @joshuatopolsky is pretty much pounding the panasonic exec on the panel about needless and frequent updated plasmas. nice. #gg09
    about 20 hours ago
    from TweetDeck
  5. RT @JillFehr: Emily Pilloton at #gg09 – ‘we focus so much on materials we forget about the end user – the human face of ‘sustainability’
    about 21 hours ago
    from TweetDeck
  6. Gadi Amit of New Deal Design says, "no offense, but granola eating treehuggers are part of the problem, not the solution." #gg09
    about 21 hours ago
    from TweetDeck
  7. Emily Pilloton of project H asks, "where is the balance between quantitative product design and it’s social impact?" good question! #gg09
    about 21 hours ago from TweetDeck
  8. mark bent just showed off the bogolight. buy one of these solar charging led lights and choose where to give one https://bit.ly/LSY1s #gg09
    about 21 hours ago from TweetDeck
  9. to use a term coined the other day by a local eco-preneur i met with, this year’s greener gadgets is ALL about "SUSENSIBILITY". #gg09
    about 21 hours ago
    from TweetDeck
  10. the current panel discussion (measuring your hue of green) at greener gadgets is kinda boring 2 me. dif strokes 4 dif folks though. #gg09
    about 23 hours ago from TweetDeck
  11. @joshuatopolsky sweet man. looking forward to ya…just make it fun, not droning on and on, devoid of tone…or i might revolt 😉  #gg09
    about 23 hours ago
    from TweetDeck in reply to joshuatopolsky
  12. @Ecochickie lol. yeah, when ur name was called i was like, "damn, she’s not in the room." that sucked.#gg09

    about 24 hours ago

    from TweetDeck in reply to Ecochickie
  13. if you’re not keeping up with starre vartan’s liveblogging of greener gadgets at Greenopia, you should be #gg09 https://bit.ly/zfusX
    about 24 hours ago
    from TweetDeck
  14. "measure what is measurable, make measurable what is not" ~galileo (via saul griffith)
    9:25 AM Feb 27th
    from TweetDeck
  15. "heirloom products"–things that last a LONG time–are a big part of the global answer, says saul griffith. #gg09
    9:22 AM Feb 27th from TweetDeck
  16. saul griffith just confessed to being a "planet f*cker", like the rest of us. lmao. #gg09
    8:53 AM Feb 27th
    from TweetDeck
  17. dr. saul griffith, co-founder of a lot of really cool shit, is up to bat at greener gadgets #gg09 https://www.saulgriffith.com/

  18. Walking down broadway in nyc on the way to greener gadgets. #gg09
    from txt

Waterkeeper’s Party & Green Blogger Buds

I met up with Brian Howard of The Daily Green (@socialpyramid on twitter) for drinks Thursday evening and then we headed down to a club called GreenHouse in SoHo to a party he was invited to…and he graciously walked me in.

There I got to meet a HUGE clean water supporter and attorney, Robert Kennedy Jr.

Lots of his talk from the stage referrenced the TVA coal ash spill here in Tennessee. As I told Brian, it was strange to hear a disaster that happened in my home state talked about as it if it were so far away.

Waterkeeper Alliance dropped a new, fun, anti-clean coal site on us at the party. Check it out at TheDirtyLie.com.

Brian also introduced me to the talented Starre Vartan, founder and editor of Eco Chick (@ecochickie on twitter) and Elizabeth Harrington, a super-friendly exec at Greenopia.

I also got to meet Anna Gouznova, a communications associate at Waterkeeper Alliance, and Mishelle Wells, President of MouthNY.

Who else did I meet milling about the Greener Gadgets Conference?

Some of these cats are old blog buds, some are new friends I just met at the conference. Either way, great to meet all you guys and hope to see you soon in person and around the blogosphere.

Check out pics of the conference and WaterKeepers party on The Fun Times Guide to Living Green Facebook fanpage!