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How To Throw An Ecofriendly Super Bowl Party, Regardless Of Team Colors

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By Jeffrey

Taking steps towards living green should be fun and enjoyable (hence the name of this site).

What could be more fun than a party?

green superbowl party ideas

We like to party here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

We get green on St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, Fridays, and of course… The Super Bowl!

So what can you do to throw the biggest, baddest, and greenest Super Bowl party on the block?

Well, there’s plenty that you can do to throw an environmentally friendly Superbowl party!

Like many simple steps we can take towards living green, a Superbowl party can go green without having to change much at all.

You still get your favorite football food, beer, and other party perks.

All it takes to make it a green Super Bowl bash is a little forethought and some small changes.


5 Ways To Throw A Green Super Bowl Party


#1 – Step up the invitations.

This is perhaps the most obvious. But if you’re the type to send out invitations, EcoFabulous says use online invites from Evite or PunchBowl instead of mailing your invitations.


#2 – Step up the food a notch.

Vegetarian Times says to “forgo a table full of open chip bags and store-bought salsa in favor of a homemade spread that’ll satisfy everyone gathered around the big screen.”

Ditch the stigma of vegetarian cuisine and try out these great vegetarian recipes for your eco-friendly Super Bowl party:

(I bet your guests won’t even know the difference)


#3 – Step up the beer a notch.

New Belgium has a wonderful assortment of beers to please any palette. What makes them green? Their brewery is wind powered!

Check out these other ways New Belgium is not only minimizing, but counter-acting their environmental impact.


#4 – Step up the decorating.

As mentioned before, order some strings of LED lights — maybe even in your team’s colors — to adorn the walls of your Superbowl party palace. is a great place to find eco-friendly LED lights.


#5 – Step down the waste.

Take another chance to use the 3 R’s — reduce, reuse, recycle.

One way to do this is to avoid using paper products for decorating or for dining. (It doesn’t take that long to pop the flatware in the dishwasher.)


Just For Fun: Make Football Penalty Flags!

This last idea has nothing to with living green, but it would make your already green Superbowl party even more fun and memorable for your guests.

Make your own yellow penalty flags to throw when a brazen penalty occurs, the ref misses a penalty call, the ref makes a bad call, or for any reason at all!

Can you imagine all those yellow flags flying around your party?

WikiHow shows how to make penalty flags:

  • Purchase (or find) yellow fabric such as linen or nylon, rubber bouncing balls about 1-inch diameter, and rubber bands.
  • Cut the fabric into rectangles that are about 1 foot by 1-1/2 feet.
  • Place the bouncing ball in the middle of the fabric.
  • Pull up all four sides of the fabric together.
  • Wrap a rubber band around the fabric to cinch the ball in place. You may need to wrap the rubber band around several times to ensure a tight fit.

What are some other ways that you like to make a Super Bowl party super green?