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Ecotourism is a way to enjoy vacation while staying green. Here are 4 green vacation ideas you can explore right near your home - with tips to get started!


I’ve been gardening for many years. One of my keys to success is seaweed fertilizer. It's a great natural fertilizer, especially if you live close to a beach

Rail car turned mobile garden

Look what happens when clever environmentally-minded artists get their green thumb on in a Chicago rail car.


Great reasons to consider treating your kids to a green summer camp this year.

Hi-Tec debuts an eco-friendly version of their top-rated Altitude hiking boots. We reviewed the Hi-Tec Altitude Enviro boots for eco-friendliness & quality.

It somehow seems like nature walks benefit your mind and mood, but now science actually proves it!

This cartoon makes you wonder if an oil company should really be expected to adequately handle their own oil spills. Yikes.

So many terrible things happening in such a short amount of time could lead us into depression, but it's better to look at the silver lining.

Who wouldn't want to wear a pair of the first EVER sunglasses made from completely renewable materials? That's right... eco-friendly sunglasses from Dragon Alliance