Energy Planet Web Directory: All The Best Environmental Resources At Your Fingertips

by Jeffrey

alternative energy, conservation, renewable energy, solar power

Energy PlanetEver wonder what other blogs, sites, and information about living green is available on the web? is THE web directory for such things.

I’m pleased to say that The Fun Times Guide to Living Green has just been listed by this new environmental resource.

We try here to focus on simple, practical, and most importantly, FUN ways to live green.

However, maybe you’d like more specific information on a different type of green niche.

For example, perhaps you’re interested in detailed information about solar energyhybrid cars, or alternative energy. Well has the breakdown of sites and blogs into about 3 dozen different categories.

From Alex Ramon, the site’s webmaster and designer:

“I am motivated by a strong desire to leave a better world for our children. My studies in world politics brought me to the realization that a lot of our problems stem from conflicts over energy resources. I am not an engineer or scientist, but I do believe it is possible to break our addiction to fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources.”

Be sure to stop by and peruse their directory and their blog sometime. It’s good stuff!