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Green Socks: Stay Dry And Blister Free On The Trail In Eco-Sensitive Socks

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By Jeffrey

rei-ecosensitive-socks.jpgJune is a busy month. Among the many changes I’ve had to adjust to so far this summer, carving out some time to go hiking with some friends as a bachelor party was NOT something I had a hard time deciding to do!

June in middle Tennessee means that it is about 90 to 95 degrees with 95-100% humidity every bloody day.

Can you believe I hiked for 2 whole days in only one pair of socks?!

Yeah, with REI’s Inego Crew Hiking socks it was an easy feat to accomplish. And they’re in REI’s Eco-Sensitive line!

I won’t go into the details of what makes the REI Eco-Sensitive line the awesomeness that it is, since we’ve been through that before.

What made these socks, in particular, so great?

  • They’re made out of 70% Ingeo PLA fiber/28% nylon/2% spandex.
  • Ingeo fiber is pill-resistant and provides moisture management, odor control, and soil-releasing properties.
  • Mesh-knit toe and instep panels promote airflow and move moisture away, keeping feet dry and blister free.
  • Cushioned sole, heel and toe add shock absorption and protection from wear.
  • Lin Toe “no feel” seams mean no irritation or chafing at toes.


But perhaps the most incredible feature of all…

After hanging them up after we made it to the rustic lodge where we stayed the night, they were dry in 15 minutes!!!

On top of that, they didn’t even stink — and that’s after being in them for 7 hours of sweaty hiking!

That said, I went ahead and washed them out in the stream at the lodge and when I went to put them on the next morning, you guessed it, they were as good as new!

(Note that I took a HUGE risk at these socks being as awesome as they were… because I purposely didn’t bring another pair. Thanks REI!)

You can pick up your own pair of REI earth-friendly Inego Hiking socks for $11.50.


Pics of the socks in action…

(Click to enlarge. I’m in the gray shirt in the far left and right photos, and the blue shirt in the middle one.)

ecosensitive-hiking-1.JPG ecosensitive-hiking-2.JPG ecosensitive-hiking-3.JPG
Congratulations to the happy groom who’s on his honeymoon as I type this.

What a great trip!