Challenge Yourself To Live Green From Earth Hour To Earth Day (EH2ED)

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Spring is always an awesome time for the planet.

Earth Hour is coming up (on the last Saturday in March each year at 8:30PM) and Earth Day won’t be far behind (on April 22 each year).

So what does that mean?


It means you’ve got just over the “21 day period it takes to form a new habit” to live greener. And the folks at Cool People Care have the perfect challenge, resources, and prize to help you do it!

Cool People Care’s EH2ED Challenge is all about what we’re all about here: helping you have FUN while living greener becomes easier.

If you sign up for their challenge here’s what you get:

“Between Earth Hour (celebrated around the world on the last Saturday in March at 8:30 PM) and Earth Day (internationally recognized on April 22nd), we’ll send out a special edition email, highlighting an organization, a program, an initiative or a resource that can help you develop eco-friendly habits and behaviors so that you can live a more caring lifestyle.

This will be in addition to our regular daily email that comes out each morning at 5 AM. This one will hit the inboxes around lunchtime, offering you a way to spend your afternoon and save the world before the sun sets.”

Is there anything in it for you (besides a great new lifestyle)?


Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a free copy of New Day Revolution, written by Cool People Care founders Sam Davidson and Stephen Mosely.

EH2EDNew Day Revolution shares 100 things you can do to help make the world a better place – from simple ways to live greener to impacting your community.

Remember, the choice is yours, but not participating in the challenge may result in getting p0wnd by steel chair wielding pandas…and no one wants that.