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Buy a Solar Powered Flashlight and Someone Else Gets One Free!

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By Jeffrey

Everyone loves a good BoGo (buy one, get one) deal.

SunNight Solar takes the BoGo one step further. You buy a SWEET solar powered flashlight and someone in need of some light (usually in a developing part of the world) gets one for free!

Actually, you might say this deal is a Buy One, GIVE One program.

Oh and these aren’t just nifty solar powered flashlights either. Check out the cool features and specs after the demonstration video!


Well, I guess it’s not technically solar powered, but rather powered by batteries that are recharged by a solar panel on the light.

Actually, that’s even better for a number of reasons.

When I first saw this light and heard Mark Bent, CEO and President of SunNight Solar, speak at Greener Gadgets last week, I knew this was too fun and too great of a product and humanitarian model NOT to share!

BoGo Solar Powered Flashlight Features and Specs:

  • electronic “boost converter” provides high efficiency LED drive and maximizes solar panel and battery use
  • 3 settings in both Task Light & Room Light modes – providing lighting times of: 4-5 hours on high, 8-10 hours on medium, and 16-20 hours on low
  • Batteries are air-cooled with each battery isolated in its own compartment and suspended with vanes to allow heat to be radiated away from the light when charging
  • Single mold case vice bilateral symmetry and no screws to hold the light housing together
  • Light is very water resistant
  • 6 LEDs for normal illumination, and 3 wide angle higher power LEDs for room illumination
  • 3 NiMh batteries – greater efficiency and better for the environment
  • Redesigned carabiner attach point allowing for one-hand use
  • YOU choose who receives your “give” light

How Can the BoGo Light Benefit You or People in Need??

“Emergencies – very useful for night time search and rescue, car breakdowns, blackouts, and power outages due to storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, camping, all outdoor activities and an essential part of every family’s emergency kit.”

Spend $10 Extra and Give the Right Light!

The original BoGo light (SL-1) from SunNight Solar retails for $49.99. Spend the extra $10 and get the upgraded version (SL-2) that has the specs listed above. It will make a HUGE difference for you and the person in the developing world that receives the “give” light.


  • The SL-2 has air cooled batteries, the SL-1’s batteries are encased in plastic.
  • The SL-2’s batteries are easily removable with a coin, the SL-1’s require a screw driver
  • The SL-2 has 6 LED lights for the “task light” modes AND 3 wide angle LED lights for entire room illumination, the SL-1 only has the task mode LEDs

A Final Silver Lining…As If You Needed One

The SunNight Solar BoGo flashlight can be used as a universal solar powered charger for all your gadgets…as long as they take AA batteries!

The ridiculously easy to open battery compartments of the SL-2 allow you to remove the batteries from the flashlight and drop them in ANY AA battery powered device that may be running low on juice.

Of course you could go spend an additional $50-$150 for a stand alone solar powered charger if you want (but why would you?).

Matthew McDermott at TreeHugger makes a good point worthy of sharing,

“Though you can buy these flashlights through SunNight’s website for use closer to home, the greater impact of these lights comes from their use as replacement for kerosene lighting in the developing world, in refugee camps.

By using solar-powered lighting instead of kerosene, indoor air quality can be improved. The WHO estimates that 1.3 million women per year come down with lung cancer due to prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality resulting from kerosene lighting or burning biomass indoors.”

So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? You mean you haven’t helped yourself and someone else out and already placed your order?

Go take care of it now if you so desire.