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Pictures From Nashville TN Earth Day Festival

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By Jeffrey

Little Girl with Caterpillar at Earth Day FestivalWhat could be more Earth Day-ish than a beautiful little girl playing with a furry caterpillar at an Earth Day festival?

Answer: NOTHING!

I ran into a very old friend whom I haven’t seen in years at my local Earth Day Festival yesterday here in Nashville, TN, and I was lucky enough to snap this great shot of his daughter.

Check out these other great pics from the Nashville Earth Day Festival…

The Earth Day Festival in Nashville, TN yesterday was incredible!

As I mentioned here a few days ago, our festival was chock full of great exhibits, music, speakers, workshops, information, and of course… food.


Homemade Electric Truck
Here’s a pic of a homemade electric truck. This truck runs off of 12 batteries 20 batteries sealed and contained in the bed and plugs in to charge through a regular 110v plug in the fuel door.


Earth Day Festival in Nashville, TN
This is a pic of the crowd in front of the main stage. I love Centennial Park and the relaxing vibe it has when everyone is just camped out on blankets with their dogs hanging out beside them.


Plumgood Food
This is a brochure, coupon, and YUMMY crunchy wasabi covered peas from Plumgood Food. This is a Nashville specific online grocery store that delivers healthy groceries, household goods, and prepared food to your doorstep. Do you have something like this in your town?


Dreadlock Dancin' Fool at the Earth Day Festival
Finally, this is the stereotypical person one might picture when they think of “Earth Day”. This guy was dressed in what looked to by hemp clothing, had dreadlocks to his butt, and danced continuously in that EXACT spot the entire time my wife and I were at the festival. Rock on man, rock on.


Check out more pictures of the Earth Day festival in Nashville, TN on my flickr photo set of the event.