Chinese Man Throws Bike at 2 Thieves on a Motor Scooter

by Jeffrey

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Riding a bike (or even commuting on one) has many advantages. Not the least of which being the ability to use your bike to moonlight as a crime fighting super hero.

Check out the video below of a Chinese man who uses his bike to thwart the quick getaway of 2 thieves.

According to various news sources, the story behind the video is that a woman walking down the street in Wenzhou, China had her purse snatched away by 2 thieves who sped past her on a motor scooter.

The man in the video reportedly saw the purse snatching take place, casually dismounted his bike and proceeded to hurl it at the thieves as they tried to make their getaway.

The moral of the story: Ride a bike, get healthy, fight crime.