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So many terrible things happening in such a short amount of time could lead us into depression, but it's better to look at the silver lining.

Design your own version of a hundred dollar bill and help end lead contamination of soil.

Lots of confusing and conflicting information might make you miss your local Earth Day festivities. Here's how to find out what's happening near you.

Earth Hour 2010 is just around the corner, but does it really make a difference? It does if you don't want to be beat up by panda bears.

What is World Water Day and why is it important? This infographic answers those questions better than any article.

Toyota's handling of their massive recall is making it way too easy to make fun of them...and the Wall Street Journal is just throwing fuel on the fire.

Obama officially announced his 'Cash for Caulkers' plan on Tuesday, and it looks promising for anyone who's been putting off some eco-friendly home improvements.

The Coca Cola company may seem to be an unlikely candidate for the greenest sponsor of the 2010 Olympics, but wait until you see how far they went to be just that.

Electronics are sometimes difficult to recycle...yet they were the most recycled item in 2009. See what other items top the most recycled list.