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Design a Fundred Dollar Bill for Earth Day

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By Jeffrey

fundred.png An amazing amount of children and teens are all about fixing the world they’re being handed… and there are some incredibly fun tools to help them do just that.

For teenagers, the new site Inconvenient Youth is a one-stop shop for everything regarding living green and fighting climate change.

For not-quite-teenagers, why not get involved in  the Fundred Dollar Bill Project?


What Is The Fundred Dollar Bill Project?

“Help make safe the lead-contaminated soil in U.S. cities that puts thousands of children at risk for severe learning disabilities and behavioral problems. New Orleans is one of the most lead-contaminated cities in the U.S.–this is where the solution starts.

The goal is to collect over 3 million of these unique artworks. This cumulative total of 300,000,000 Fundred Dollars supports the equivalent cost (in U.S. Dollars) required to make safe every lead contaminated property in New Orleans, so that every child is protected.”

The Fundred Dollar Bill Project may be aimed at younger children, but kids of all ages can get involved.

Children, students, teachers, artists, and adults can draw their own version of a hundred dollar bill, mail it to a collection center, and then track the special armored truck as it motors about the United States collecting all of the Fundred Dollar Bills.


What Makes The Truck So Special?

Fundred.org says,

The engine has been retrofitted to run on waste vegetable oil (“WVO”). The truck is “refueling” on oil recycled from cafeteria and restaurant fry cookers collected by the official Fundred Collection Centers.

The Sous Terre Armored Truck is painted with a “soil to grass” (brown to green) color scheme. Included in the detailing is the date of Hurricane Katrina rendered as the truck’s serial number, to identify it as unique from other armored vehicles.

If you have children at home — or even if you don’t — designing a Fundred Dollar Bill may just be that simple, fun, and creative way you’ve been looking for to celebrate Earth Day this year.

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