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As an advocate for good health, I usually try to choose the 'greener' option over other more dangerous and/or wasteful options. Generally speaking, if it's bad for your health or the planet, I try to avoid it. In my effort to live green, I like to find new (healthier) budget-friendly ways to do things -- from cleaning to recycling to home decorating. My goal is to help you take the chore out of living green by sharing fun new ecofriendly ideas that you can try today... or any day! My all-time favorite way to live green is to repurpose items and give them a new use -- and I've written a lot of DIY articles showing how I've done it.
Living Christmas Tree

A living Christmas tree helps you stay ever-"green" during the holidays - for years to come. Tips, tricks & more to help you care for a live Christmas tree.

Wondering if leaf scoops really work better than a traditional rake when you're raking leaves? I tried a set of ReLeaf leaf scoops. Here's why I like 'em.

Think an automatic car wash is eco-friendly? It's not! 5 DIY car wash tips to save water AND the environment. Plus some of the best car wash supplies to try

fall foliage

Looking for fun and rewarding ways to recycle your fall foliage? Here are 3 great ways to use fall leaves around the house.

reel mower

Find out why it's more environmentally friendly (and healthier for you) to use an old-fashioned push reel mower. Reviews, green mowing tips, and more!

Like animals? Want to help save endangered species? Here are 3 fun wildlife tours that help support wildlife conservation at the same time!


Ecotourism is a way to enjoy vacation while staying green. Here are 4 green vacation ideas you can explore right near your home - with tips to get started!

Green lunches are quite popular these days. Here are 4 eco-frindly-dining habits that allow you to stay green when eating on the go!

Is leather or pleather more eco friendly? What about lace? And pottery? Find answers to these questions and get 23 unique ideas for green anniversary gifts.