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As an advocate for good health, I usually try to choose the 'greener' option over other more dangerous and/or wasteful options. Generally speaking, if it's bad for your health or the planet, I try to avoid it. In my effort to live green, I like to find new (healthier) budget-friendly ways to do things -- from cleaning to recycling to home decorating. My goal is to help you take the chore out of living green by sharing fun new ecofriendly ideas that you can try today... or any day! My all-time favorite way to live green is to repurpose items and give them a new use -- and I've written a lot of DIY articles showing how I've done it.

Got Mardi Gras beads? You can reuse parade parade beads as gift wrap, a DIY chandelier, drink coasters, centerpieces, party favors - or just recycle them!

Green Jobs

If you're looking for a green job, here are 10 awesome career choices. From urban planning to recycling, these are 10 green jobs that are booming!

Recycling Fun

You can make recycling a lot more fun and less of a chore at home - for both adults AND kids! These 5 unique recycling ideas will make things a lot easier.

Best Indoor Plants

These 10 are definitely the best indoor plants to clean the air inside your house. These houseplants are all easy to find, and most are super easy to grow!

See why Zoo Doo is one of the most popular (and effective) types of organic fertilizer around. We also have tips on how to use it and where you can get it.

Green Coffee

Eco friendly coffee practices go WAY beyond just using green coffee beans. I've found a few clever ways to go green while drinking coffee. Have you tried these?

Recycled paper from old magazines, newspapers, and phone books can be put to good use by trying one of these 5 fun recycled art projects!

LED Christmas Tree Lights

LED Christmas tree lights are greener and cheaper than incandescent holiday lights. Use this free Holiday Lighting Calculator to see the energy savings!

Living Christmas Tree

A living Christmas tree helps you stay ever-"green" during the holidays - for years to come. Tips, tricks & more to help you care for a live Christmas tree.