Goodbye Toxins, Hello Bike, Barbecue, and Clean Air Month

The month of May is all about being outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather as summer knocks on the door. May actually happens to be National Bike Month, National Barbecue¬†Month, and National Clean Air Month! We LOVE getting our eco-friendly grilling on, biking to work, and breathing nice clean air (which doesn't happen in your home, by the way). We really want to hear what you have planned for the rest of May. Will you be biking to work, the store, the gym, or elsewhere? What's … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven For $20

Spring is on the way and I can almost smell the charcoal now. Soon everyone will emerge from the winter hibernation and begin grilling once again. Oh sweet aroma of summer. In your quest to grill greener and host many a eco-friendly barbecue this year, check out this outdoor pizza oven that you could build for $20! I saw this diy pizza oven idea at Sustainablog over the weekend, and I applaud my friends over there for uncovering such a great project idea. … [Read more...]

4th of July: How to Have Green FUN on the Least Eco-Friendly Holiday

Ok. Let's be honest here...the 4th of July is probably the least eco-friendly holiday on the calendar, right?And there is one reason, and one reason alone for that...Fireworks.So even though eco-friendlier fireworks are making their way into the market, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by telling you that you can make this year a "green 4th of July".Instead, what I am going to do is share some great ideas with you to that will be sure to help you have green(ER) fun this … [Read more...]

5 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts That Will Wow ANY Dad… Green Or Not


It's time to shower all the dads out there with great eco-friendly gifts sure to make ANY father squeal with excitement like a little girl. I don't know about you, but it seems like most of the dads I know don't really care about living green or being eco-friendly. In fact, it seems like a good number of them actually view living greener as some form of sissification. Do you see that in the dads you know? So the trick is to find eco-friendly Father's Day gifts that are sure to WOW … [Read more...]

2 Vegetarian Grill Recipes You Do NOT Want To Miss Out On!

The summer sun is already crankin' up the heat...which means your grill should be too! If you've never loaded up your grill with loads of veggies, you have no idea what sensory stimulation overload you're missing out on! On Sunday my wife, a friend, and I grilled an AWESOME sunny weekend vegetarian lunch (pictured at right)...including a sweet potato salad recipe that you absolutely MUST try! … [Read more...]

4 FUN Ways to Grill Greener This Summer

Memorial Day weekend is knocking at the door and I can already hear the sizzle of all those grills. If you are indeed going to throw some tasty treats on the grill this weekend, be sure to grill it green! Did you know that there are a few easy steps you can take to not only green your grilling habits, but also make you the star grill master (or mistress) of your block? Let me share some with you. … [Read more...]

Barbecue Grilling: 5 Fun Facts To Help You Grill Green & Choose The Best Grill


Mmm, can you smell the aroma? Can you hear that sizzle? It's May and that means everyone is getting those barbecue grills fired up. In fact, May is actually and officially deemed National Barbecue Month. We've recently talked about the near unbelievable and certainly astronomical adverse effects that your typical gas-powered lawn mower has on the environment, but do our beloved barbecue grills do the same? … [Read more...]